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Analysis platforms

The equipments of the GEOPS laboratory are distributed into three platforms: « Geochemistry », « Mineralogy » and « Geophysical measurements and analog modelling », as follow:



- IRMS and quadrupole mass spectrometers

- K-Ar and Ar-Ar mass spectrometer (coupled with oven and laser)

- Noble gas spectrometer

- Systems of thermal and optically-stimulated luminescence

- Chromatographs for liquid- and solid phases

- Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES)

- Atomic absorption spectrometer

- b-spectrometer








- X-Ray diffractometer

- SEM with EDS detector

- Atomic force microscope

- Microthermometry of fluid inclusions

- Laser granulometry

- Fourier-transform infra-red spectrometer

- Cathodoluminescence system




 Geophysical measurements and analog modelling 

- Seismometer

- Geoelectric equipment

- Geological radar

- Differential GPS

- Caesium-induced magnetometer

- Hydraulic channels in cold chambers

- Laser 3D-digital scanner (shared with FAST laboratory)

- Geological 3D-Petrel modelling





Two cooperative platforms are on the way:

  • A transverse geochemical platform shared between the GEOPS lab and the LSCE (Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement, UVSQ/CEA/CNRS) has been developed for 3 years. Nowadays, it includes instruments located at the LSCE (rare gas spectrometer, TIMS, ICP-MS, LA-MC-ICPMS) and at GEOPS (H2O-Max platform, X-ray diffractometer, grain-size laser).
  • A geophysical platform has been initiated by GEOPS and the FAST laboratory (Fluides, Automatique et Systèmes Thermiques, UPSUD/UPMC/CNRS) in 2006. It is equipped with hydraulic channels in cold chambers, a geophysical imagery system (electric resistivity tomography and high resolution penetrating radar), a high resolution camera, a calculation cluster and a 3D-laser digital scanner.