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IDOC (Integrated Data & Operation Center,, combines the missions of an operation center and data center. 

More broadly, IDOC assist the missions of the Paris Sud Observatory and partners from design to long-term archiving of data produced by providing for each step a wide range of services.    

The international space or ground missions concerned are:

  • Preparing missions: JWST, Euclid, Plato, Juice, Bepi-Colombo, Solar Orbiter
  • Current missions: Mars-express, Rosetta, SoHo, Stereo, SDO, Fripon
  • Missions for which there is no longer new raw data (Data sets of interpretation superior level are always created  and  interfaces are updated or integrated into virtual observatories): CoRot, Planck, Herchel, Trace, Coronas, Picard, Iras.

IDOC assist these spatial and ground missions in all them aspects and works today as:

  •  Council Mission design
  • support to the realization of instruments (embedded  software architecture, ground equipment, test benches)
  • support to the instrument calibrations (control and acquisition)
  • design and implementation of single or multi operations center instruments
  • design and implementation of missions center (ground segments, archives)
  • design and implementation of thematic expertise center

IDOC is labelled by INSU as national service in the following domains: 

  • SO2 : instrumentation ground-based and spatial of greats observatory
  • SO4: large surveys and deep probing
  • Treatment centers and data archiving ( )

IDOC contribute to the S06 service: Solar monitoring, Sun-Earth interaction terrestrial environment.

IDOC has the responsibility :

  • To produce high level datas straight away, useable to the scientific method and make them available to the community.
  • To build long-term preservation of data sets produced in the OSUPS or from OSU partnerships or meeting the responsibilities hosted thematic centers.
  • To implement the access to these data interfaces.
  • To offer multiple services consistent with the environment described above, such as catalog management, production visualization tools, automation of production…
  • To preserve the availability and reliability of that environment, ensuring its potential privacy and security in the short and long term.

In this context, and in order to disseminate data to the scientific community the widest possible IDOC has created web services " Virtual Observatory " according VO standards in force, had them validated and recorded them on Eurovo (autority IVOA identifiers available at ). These services include VO various missions and are of two types,  Simple Image Access and Cone Search.

IDOC is also mirrored data to other data centers ( one example is the mirror HIPS (Hierarchical Progressive Survey) Planck of CDS).

IDOC also must offer multiple services consistent with the environment described above as the skill analyse of large catalog or the output associated dataset.  

IDOC is positioned in the production of new advanced scientific knowledge and is one of its strategic challenges.

Computer processing proposed by IDOC is beyond the scope of traditional scientific computing and concerns as much the exploitation as the valuation of data from observational or digital sources.

IDOC carries out face multiple activities. IDOC staff rely on an adaptable and controlled shared common base which is an obvious efficiency factor  and allows access to skills and technology that only the scale factor can be achieved .

To anticipate its infrastructure developments, IDOC is behind the group (VIRTUALDATA P2IO Labex) in which staff is actively involved. IDOC has adopted in this way access to a set of extremely powerful material resources of which pooling has enabled the realizable.

To clarify its actions in scientific and technological, and to share knowledge and spatial data processing skills with all astrophysical laboratories and geoscience Paris Saclay campus, IDOC participates in transverse working group " Processing of Spatial Data " GTO2 SPU department ( Sciences of the Planet and the Universe ), University Paris Saclay as well as at Lidex Center for data Science (IDOC referenced some of its data multidisciplinary platform Open Data Paris Saclay  (

(IDOC has referenced some of its data on the multidisciplinary platform Paris Saclay  Open Data (

Of all the tasks carried out by IDOC today , it is possible to highlight the following points:

  • IDOC is the engine of development Sitools framework under CNES project management which is at the heart of access interfaces.
  • IDOC includes MEDOC which is the " Thematic pole of solar physics " ( partnership agreement between CNES , INSU and the University Paris-Sud ).
  • IDOC will be the heart of the pole " planetary surfaces " coming from the thought of the PNP.
  • IDOC will be the mission center of the instrument Majis mission JUICE.
  • IDOC is positioning itself to be the center of the mission SPICE tool of the Solar Orbiter mission.

In addition to its primary missions, IDOC also makes extensive training, education, information and support for scientific events.