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Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS), « Institute for Space Astrophysics » is jointly managed by CNRS and University Paris-Sud 11 (UMR 8617). The laboratory has 150 personnel working on its site at Orsay (Essonne) : 43 staff researchers (CNRS), professors and assistant professors, 73 engineers, technical and administrative staff, 15 postdocs and 17 PhD’s. 

   The main research subjects are: Solar physics, planetary science (solar system and exoplanets), extraterrestrial material and interstellar material, galaxies and cosmology. Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale implements major technical activities for space instrumentation and has an active R&D program. The laboratory is an important partner of the french national space agency (CNES) and international space agencies (ESA, NASA) in charge of major space missions. It manages its technical program in partnership with industry (Alcatel, Air Liquide, Airbus…). In parallel with space activities, there is an active experimental astrochemistry program focussed on extra-terrestrial and interstellar material and its evolution in relationship with observations (space missions and ground telescopes). There is also a development activity for massive bolometers