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 The GEOPS Laboratory (« Geosciences Paris-Sud »), created in 2004, is jointly managed by CNRS and Université Paris-Sud 11 (UMR 8148). Within CNRS, GeoPS is managed by INSU (« Sciences of the Universe ») with a link to INEE (« environment »). The laboratory is structured in 5 scientific teams and 2 transverse themes. Within Université Paris-Sud, GeoPS is the only laboratory of the department « Sciences of the Earth ». The personnel of GeoPS is constituted by 68 permanent positions (32 professors and assistant professors, including 2 emeritus, 22 engineers, technical and administrative staff), 8 post-docs and 29 PhD’s. Given its recent creation date, half of the permanent research staff is less than 45 years old. 


The objectives of the GeoPS laboratory are focussed on pluridisciplinary studies of geological processes within or originating from the terrestrial continental crust and surface, with an extension to the surfaces of inner planetary bodies: characterisation, measurements and modelisation of interactions between internal and external processes in surface or sub-surface environments, as well as their evolution with time. In order to achieve these objectives, the laboratory develops and implements experimental tools for on-site measurements and for analyzing samples. Remote sensing techniques are also implemented, in particular imaging spectroscopy of planetary surfaces.