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 The "observatories for the Sciences of the Universe" (OSU) are "schools" within a university as defined by article L 713-1 of the law defining research activities in France, and they are organized according to article L713-9 of the same law. They implement specific actions and joint actions.

The specific actions are the following:

  • astronomy: contributions to the progress of knowledge in the "Sciences of the Universe" domain through the acquisition of observational data, the development and exploitation of specific tools and the development of relevant theoretical methods, with a continuity of service as required for astronomy and its applications.  
  • geophysics: contributions to the progress of knowledge in solid earth studies with the same approaches as for astronomy, supervision and prevision of natural processes in geophysics.
  • Oceanography: contributions to the progress of knowledge for oceans with the same approachs as for astronomy, management of research programs for the exploitation and protection of marine environments, in a pluridisciplinary perspective. 


The joint actions are the following:

  • procuring services linked to the research activities of the observatory to the national and international community
  • contributing to the training of students in the context of the university and to the training of all research personnel within the university 
  • contributing to outreach activities, in particular for the personnel and students of the university
  • implementing international cooperation activities


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The "Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de l'Université Paris Sud" (OSUPS) delegates training and teaching activities  to the Faculty of Sciences of Paris-Sud University. 

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